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Digital Advertising For Jewellery Showroom – Madras Jewellers


To create brand awareness, organize seasonal campaigns and to increase store foot traffic for MADRAS JEWELLERS, who make Indian jewellery famous for women.


Internal Audience: Brand awareness is created among bridal women and women of all ages to enhance the brand perception.

External Audience: Providing authenticity to customers and to build trust among them to buy their products.


Study on the credibility of the company and how they provide gold, diamond and silver jewellery to the customers are gathered from professionals of the stores and managers. Also insights and knowledge acquired from the client helped us in our research strategies. Every woman in our country loves jewellery and any festive occasion in our country is incomplete without some intricate gold jewellery.

Hence, keeping this in mind, we made our research based on the choice of jewellery depending on regional wedding events and also the jewellery design preference of different women for different occasions, may it be a wedding or an auspicious ceremony or a casual party. We made sure our research helped us in such a way so as to engage the customers.


Our ultimate end goal was to create impact on sales and to take communication initiative directly to increase revenue figures. We made sure that the target audience is able to connect with the uniqueness and purity of the brand and also the traditional value of gold in our country. We worked on big data, digital metrics and online engagement data to drive the communication for campaign effectiveness.


Our responsibility was to work on brand authentication, rank our client as top of their competitors and for this we required elements to prove it. As a marketing company, we had to ensure on profits and communication to be cost effective. We worked together with our client to drive the short term and long term revenue campaign and made the communication simple, clear and compelling.


Success can be measured in various aspects of the campaign, but we as EFFE focused mainly on the aspect of how to better connect and market this brand effectively to women so they could purchase jewellery from this brand. Keeping this in mind, we developed a creative content to attract the target audience and advertised skillfully, thereby providing customers with authentic jewellery. We planned accordingly and came out with a winning strategy in marketing to enhance the sales.

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