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Lead Generation Campaign For Smart Door Lock -Xiotec


To replace the traditional door lock system with smart lock system and to ensure home security through XIOTEC brand.


Internal Audience: Self-esteem is created among landlords, locksmith, door manufacturers, hotel owners and residential owners to enhance the brand perception.
External Audience: Providing authenticity to customers and to develop a strong belief in their security services.


Study on identifying the online market places for a smart lock and how they provide their service to customers in the target location of Ireland was gathered from professionals, promoters and managers. Also, insights and knowledge acquired from the client helped us to research on competitor analysis.

Many customers want to feel safe and secure, while they are in the comfort of their home and to prevent their home being open for intruders. So we came up with new research strategies according to these specifications.


Our ultimate end goal was to create an impact on sales and take communication initiative directly to increase revenue figures. Letting your guests is now easy and ensures security for you and your loved ones. We have worked on big data, digital metrics and online engagement data to drive the communication for campaign effectiveness on these secure and durable smart access lock.


Our responsibility was to work on brand authentication and so we required elements to prove it. As a marketing company, we pride in ourselves for giving affordable marketing service, engaging online presence and creating good quality design support for our clients. For all of these, we had to ensure profits and communication to be cost effective. We worked together with our client to drive the short term and long term revenue campaign and made the communication simple, clear and compelling.


Our success can be measured in various aspects of the campaign, but we as EFFE focused mainly on the positive aspect to engage the customer’s needs and to provide them with an affordable marketing service to invest in these smart access locks. We planned accordingly and finalized a winning strategy in marketing our services which explained all the aspects and advantages of the client’s brand to enhance their sales.

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